Ask The Plumber About In Sink Hot Water Dispensers

A nice little Q&A here

“Q: I am constantly boiling water to prepare meals for my family. To speed things up, I’m thinking about having a hot-water dispenser installed on the kitchen sink. I have an under-mount kitchen sink with granite countertops. Can this be installed to my type of kitchen sink, and will it supply enough hot water for a typical family? — Sally, Indiana”

Check the Courier Press for the answer!! Great stuff for the home remodelers!!

Hot Water Dispensers: Too Pricey?

A purchase of a kitchen sink hot water dispenser or even countertop hot water dispenser always comes down to luxury for us, perhaps not price.

A great article in the OC Register talks about hot water dispensers, while convenient, may be too pricey in the long run.

The article brings up many good points, but luxury and budget are all relative.

One easy way (and somewhat absurd but it gets a great point across) is using the value of an hour. If you are paid $1000 per hour, if a hot water dispenser saves you 6 minutes, that is savings of $100 each time you use it.

This example only puts things in numbers but is a great way to see that we can all value things differently and that is what these types of choices are about

Great read though!

InSinkErator Recognized Excellence In Plumbing And Contracting

Insinkerator is undoubtedly one of the most popular names in the instant hot water dispenser industry.

What may not be known is how involved they are with the plumbing, remodeling, and contracting industry recently had a nice article on InSinkerator and its efforts to recognize and award the top plumbers and contractors

“InSinkErator, a business unit of St. Louis-based Emerson Electric Co. and the largest manufacturer of instant hot water dispensers, honored the outstanding work of plumbers, contractors and technicians last week at CONNECT 2012, the 130th Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors (PHCC) National Association annual convention.”

Freshen The Air With Your Hot Water Dispenser

Insinkerator has updated their famous list of Great Uses For Hot Water

Besides the obvious use for hot drinks and heating food, we are always interested in seeing what else the list has to offer. Also when we get an alert in our news reader that the list has changed we are always curious to see if we can figure out the change (we do not memorize the list)

I think the latest change includes:

Freshen The Air. Add InSinkErator hot water to potpourri to fill your home with aromatic scents!

Our favorite is still polishing jewelry!!!

A $500 Kitchen Remodel Project: The Photos

A reader just sent this to us, mostly we think because the kitchen remodel involved a instant hot water dispenser for $100.

We are dubious (as the comment on the article also suggests) that this remodel really took less than $500, especially considering these days even the basic hot water dispenser costs about $150.

In fact the current bestselling instant hot water dispenser is priced around $130 (including tank!!).

Though with enough resolve and resources, sure you might get it done. So it’s possible. But we’re doubtful

Still, we love looking at photos too!

$500 Kitchen Makeover: Victorian to 21st Century